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Veribook is an online appointment booking system that integrates with OSCAR EMR and enables medical clinics, physicians, and medical offices to easily schedule patient appointments and bookings.

Customer Testimonials

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We have been very happy with Veribook and the level of customer support that they offer. Working with them has been a great experience. They are timely and responsive to our needs, and have gone out of their way to deliver and customize their solution to the utmost of their abilities. ... it allows our customers to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments. It allows our team to manage the schedules, offerings, bookings, etc. with relative ease.

Again, can’t say enough about the level of service that Veribook has provided to us. Readily available and willing to do all they can to meet our specific requests without nickle and diming us on “change-order” fees. Highly recommended!
— David Ennor, HMC Movere
Veribook has been a great provider since day 1. Very easy to communicate with, 100% responsive with us and with our patients; their flexibility and knowledge is fantastic. They are experts on their field and they have never let us down. Their booking page has no down time, I think it was down for a less than minute in almost a year. Customer care is courteous and patient. I would recommend their services to any business. We are grateful to have found them.
— Patricia Rodriguez, Kootenay Micro Practice, a Family Medicine Practice
I’ve created appointment schedules with other software, but found Veribook to be the most user friendly. The value is great, and customer support is very responsive.
— Elizabeth Drennen, NYU Langone Medical Center
Great product, intuitive and easy to use.
— A. Power, Grow Health
Veribook is a wonderful tool, very user-friendly and the customer service couldn’t be better. Highly recommended!
— Elizabeth Wulf, University of Toronto
Super flexible — so many options to get things configured specifically the way they need to be for each of the people I manage bookings for (I have 6 medical practitioners from different fields who all have very different, and very specific requirements).
— Medical Clinic Owner
I work a job with very long and unpredictable hours. Being able to access an online booking system is far more accessible for me than trying to call a clinic during business hours. It is also much easier for me to find options that work with my schedule when I can see every possible appointment opening my doctor has. It also feels more transparent — I feel as though I have equal access to my doctor’s time as any other patient would (no one is favoured). It has enabled me to book last minute appointments with my doctor because I know he’s available, rather than seeking out a walk-in clinic or other emergency care. The benefits of that can’t be understated — all of my medical questions and concerns remain with my doctor, which helps me to feel as though my trust and comfort with him builds, and the ease of accessibility helps me to have healthy peace of mind regarding my health care.
— Patient at Magenta Health
...One of the reasons I chose … [my clinic] was the … clinic’s commitment to using technology to helps provide accessible, timely, and convenient patient care. … [Online booking the first time] was a positive experience because it was easy, convenient, and efficient. I was surprised at how quickly I could get an appointment! …I didn’t have to find a time to call an office, wait on hold for a while, and try to find a time with someone over the phone while looking at my calendar. …

…I was so grateful that [online booking] was an option as it improved my access to care. I had just started a new position, so I didn’t want to miss time from work. … It was late at night when I [checked for appointments for] the next day. [And found] an appointment for the very next morning at 8:45 am. … Without an online booking option, I would have needed to wait for the office to open and potentially missed work to wait for an appointment at a less convenient time. If no appointment would have been possible, I might have been re-directed to another walk-in clinic or even the Emergency Department for minor but concerning symptoms.

The online booking option at [my clinic] has been an easy, convenient, and efficient way to improve my access to care and give me more control over how best to meet my health care needs. I truly believe that [my clinic’s] offering of patient e-booking contributes to improving quality health care provision.
— Patient