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Veribook is an online appointment booking system that integrates with OSCAR EMR and enables medical clinics, physicians, and medical offices to easily schedule patient appointments and bookings.

Self Check-In Kiosk

Patient Self Check-in Kiosk


CHIME has developed a paradigm shifting clinic workflow management and patient flow system that can improve a clinic’s bottom line by up to $20,000 annually, per clinic exam room.

For OSCAR EMR clinics not yet ready to adopt their full system, we have partnered to offer one aspect of CHIME: a patient self check-in kiosk integrated with OSCAR EMR.

Our kiosk can be used with or without patient online scheduling.


For a fraction of the cost, our kiosk is an extra set of hands available all day long, including breaks, lunches, and after-hours. With this help, existing staff can:

  • focus on the patient in front of them or on the phone

  • be interrupted less and more productive

  • process a higher number of patients per hour per staff

  • work in a lower stress environment

  • provide better patient care

  • support physicians better


Our Streamlined Check-in Workflow

When patients arrive onsite, a list of appointments identified only by patient first name, clinician, and appointment time can be reviewed. Via our OSCAR EMR integration, no double entry is required.

Patients check in by selecting themselves from the list; mistakes are prevented by asking patients to confirm the first letter of their last name.

This approach circumvents the need to ask patients to enter their health card number (which is tedious and inconvenient) or to swipe their health card (which can be unreliable).

The patient’s appointment in OSCAR EMR is automatically updated to indicate that the patient has arrived for their appointment.

Key Features:

  • OSCAR EMR integration

  • Patients who arrive late can be warned and directed to speak to the human receptionist

  • Patients can request human assistance (requests are sent to a separate mobile tablet or smartphone)


Walk-in Appointments

It is an option to allow patients to sign up for an appointment via the kiosk directly. These appointments will be added to your clinic’s OSCAR EMR automatically.

It is also an option to direct the patient to speak to the receptionist instead.


Pre-Visit Instructions

To streamline visits, patients can be selectively provided with special pre-visit instructions, such as:

  • To provide a urine sample

  • To complete a paper form

  • To undress their child once roomed

Review Contact Information

To help ensure a high quality of data in your EMR, patients can be asked to confirm their contact information every visit.

It is an option to not display their actual contact information as well, if desired.

For clarity, patients cannot submit their revised information via our kiosk. We believe it is important that such updates are done with staff directly, to ensure accuracy and reliability.



Monthly Fee: $225 + HST per month

  • Ongoing support

  • Ongoing integration

  • Less than 10% the cost of an additional staff member

Purchase of First Kiosk: $1,950 + HST (plus monthly fee)

  • Freestanding Tablet Kiosk

  • 10.1” Touch Screen Tablet

  • Integration with your OSCAR EMR

  • Configuration in line with your requirements

  • Shipping

  • Some assembly (of kiosk) required

  • (Complimentary, at no additional cost) Notification Tablet (may be refurbished or previously used)

Costs for Additional Kiosks:

  • Additional Monthly Fee: $50 + HST per additional kiosk

  • Purchase of Additional Kiosks: $950 + HST each

  • Purchase of Additional Notification Tablets: $300 + HST each

  • We recommend starting with a single kiosk and complimentary notification tablet, and purchasing more only if required.

Next Steps

For existing Veribook (i.e. online scheduling) customers, just email your account manager and we’ll be happy to get your started.

For new customers, email us at or call us at 1.855.260.1680. We’ll need to confirm our kiosk is compatible with your OSCAR EMR, and then we’ll be ready to proceed.