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Veribook is an online appointment booking system that integrates with OSCAR EMR and enables medical clinics, physicians, and medical offices to easily schedule patient appointments and bookings.

New Appointments

Scheduling for a Patient


In practice, even with online scheduling in place, clinics will sometimes continue to schedule appointments for patients manually:

Option 1: Schedule via OSCAR

This is our recommended approach: just schedule the patient within OSCAR as you normally would.

No notification will be sent to the patient and the patient will only be able to cancel or reschedule by contacting the clinic directly; they will not be able to cancel or reschedule online.

For an additional charge, Veribook can be configured to send email reminders for appointments booked via OSCAR manually. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

It will require up to 10 minutes before appointments booked within OSCAR appear within Veribook (although rest assured, patients cannot double book during this period regardless)


Option 2: Schedule via the Clinic's Public Scheduling Webpage

If the patient is with you in person, you can schedule for the patient via the clinic's public scheduling webpage, as if the patient were scheduling themselves.

This usually makes sense only if you are hoping to teach a patient how to schedule online.

Navigate to the same webpage the patient should access from home, then go through the same process the patient should follow (example tutorial).

When asked to sign in or create a user account, make sure to use the patient's email address. You may need to help the patient choose a password, or ask the patient to enter in their password.


Option 3: Schedule via the Veribook Administrative Dashboard

This option has the following advantages:

  • The patient receives a notification
  • The patient receives automated reminders
  • The patient can cancel and reschedule online

There are disadvantages though:

  • For privacy and security reasons, appointments can only be scheduled for email addresses already registered with our system
  • It is a slower process than adding an appointment via OSCAR
  • It is a beta feature (i.e. there is a small risk of bugs)


  1. Sign into Veribook at
  2. Select the Calendar button
  3. Select the Bookings tab
  4. Double Click anywhere on the calendar to open the New Booking window
  5. Choose the desired clinician
  6. Choose the desired service
  7. Enter the patient's health number, then select the Fetch Patient Details button
    • This will pre-populate the remaining fields using the patient's information from OSCAR
  8. Choose the desired appointment date and time
  9. Enter a Reason for Visit that the patient can see
    • This text will NOT be copied into OSCAR
  10. Enter a Note that will be copied into OSCAR
    • The patient will not see this information
  11. Select the Create button

Pro-tips? The clinician and appointment time will pre-populate based on what calendar you are viewing, and where you double-click. Use the week view and choose the right clinician before double clicking to streamline the process.

Notes? While it is possible to use this feature to create recurring bookings for patients, these appointments cannot be cancelled or rescheduled by patients online. The only advantage to creating a recurring booking within Veribook, as opposed to within OSCAR, is that Veribook will send a confirmation and automated reminders to patients.

A detailed walk-through is also available here.

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