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Veribook is an online appointment booking system that integrates with OSCAR EMR and enables medical clinics, physicians, and medical offices to easily schedule patient appointments and bookings.

Advanced Management Settings

Advanced Management Settings


Veribook has numerous features designed to help clinics schedule better.

Clinics are invited to modify basic options on their own. We recommend contacting your account manager to deploy or modify the advanced features discussed below.

There are also other, even more advanced features, not described below. Please contact your account manager if your clinic has unique needs or other requirements not currently being met well.

Online Payment


For clinics that offer patient pay appointments (e.g. driver's medicals, travel advice), it is an option to require patients to pay for these appointments upfront, as part of the scheduling process.

Instructions for configuring this feature are available, but we recommend contacting your account manager prior to enabling this feature.

Staff and Physician Accounts

We configure every clinic, even clinics with multiple locations, to have a single master administrative account. This master account has the ability to make configuration changes, to export appointment history data, etc...

To limit the potential for mistakes, we recommend every staff member have separate user credentials. Staff accounts can make changes to patient appointments and physician working hours, but cannot make configuration changes more generally. This also accounts for nuances such as staff turnover as staff accounts can be readily disabled.

For clinics that intend to permit clinicians to set their own working hours, we recommend using our share access feature to give each clinician very limited access to only their own schedules, and not the schedules of their colleagues. This is important to prevent clinicians from making mistakes to the schedules of their colleagues.

Contact your account manager for assistance.

Appointment Prefixes / Reasons for Visit

By default, patients and clinics see the same reason for visit, whether it's one of a list specific to the appointment, or a free-text reason for visit supplied by the patient.

It is an option to configure for some types of appointments a specific prefix that only the clinic will see. For example, it’s an option to add a prefix of Mental Health: before all mental health appointments, in addition to the free-text reason supplied by the patient.

It is also an option to display a list of reasons for visits to the patient, but to insert a different, corresponding value, into OSCAR. This can be useful if, for example, internal coding is used to identify appointments that patients would not understand.

Lastly, it is an option to prefix appointments with [Self Booked], to clearly identify which appointments were booked by patients online.


Conversion Tracking

For clinics that use online advertising to drive new patient traffic, it is oftentimes helpful to deploy conversion tracking tools to understand the efficacy of various means of advertising.

Veribook can facilitate this on request by the addition of conversion tracking codes to both:

  • the main booking page

  • the post-booking confirmation page (see screenshot)

Adding conversion tracking code to both of these pages will enable clinics to understand both the bounce-rate, as well as the true conversion rate.

Contact your account manager for assistance.