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Veribook is an online appointment booking system that integrates with OSCAR EMR and enables medical clinics, physicians, and medical offices to easily schedule patient appointments and bookings.


Understand the scheduling rules offered by Veribook, a patient online scheduler that integrates with OSCAR EMR to enable medical clinics, physicians, and medical offices to easily schedule patient appointments and bookings.

Our Approach

We work to deliver an affordable clinic service that addresses our clients' scheduling challenges. Our approach is to deliver value for money; if our standard plans are not compelling for your clinic or organization, do reach out, we're happy to talk and to learn more!


Our Difference

We focus on making your life easier

We believe it is our responsibility to support your patients, not your staff's.

Our customers speak exceptionally highly of our support and flexibility: reviews, testimonials.

Your account manager will customize your account and configuration to meet your needs.

We have the experience to achieve your goals

We have focused on exclusively online scheduling since 2009, in over fifteen countries.

Clients can divert 60%+ of all appointments from their phone lines; one award winning client diverts over 95%+.

Review our analysis of the cost of scheduling, and the importance of diversion rates.

We can customize our system to meet your needs

We know clinic scheduling is complex and not a one-size fits all solution.

We offer an unparalleled level of customization to ensure clinic needs are met. Review our shopping list of questions below.

Our unique and comprehensive set of scheduling rules have been developed over the course of almost a decade.

Our Plans

Monthly Subscription

$30 - 79.99 /month/clinician

Unlimited bookings and reminders
Unlimited appointment types
Unlimited support
Personal account manager
$200 setup fee waived
Pricing varies based on clinician FTE

Per Booking

$0.49 per booking

Unlimited clinicians
Unlimited appointment types
Unlimited support
Personal account manager
$200 fee for EMR integration
No fixed-term contract

Optional Reminders

$45 /month/template

For appts made by phone or in person Unlimited reminders for up to 9 clinicians
$200 fee for EMR integration
No fixed-term contract
Available separately from online scheduling

Shopping Around? Let Us Make it Easier

We get it. Choosing software is hard, particularly when there are differences in pricing.

As experts in online scheduling, our system is crafted to meet your unique needs. Here are some detailed questions we recommend keeping in mind when reviewing your online scheduling options.

What outcomes and supports are there?

  1. What diversion rates can be achieved, and on what time-frame? Review our analysis of the cost of scheduling, and the importance of diversion rates.

  2. If a patient has a technical support question, who should they contact?

  3. If a patient forgets their credentials, do they need to contact the clinic?

  4. Are there extra charges for making changes or customizations?

  5. Are there positive online reviews? Here's some of ours!

What is it like for a patient?

  1. What is the workflow for a patient to schedule for the first time?

    • Does the clinic need to do anything for each patient?

    • Can the patient simply access the clinic’s website, and go from there, or does the patient need special information?

    • Can both walk-in and family practice patients be scheduled?

  2. When are patients asked to create an account or to sign in?

    • Is it at the end of the process to maximize diversion rates?

  3. Can the patient workflow be highly customized to address clinic needs? For example, can different appointment types...

    • Have special information or warnings?

    • Request special information?

    • Result in scheduling with different clinicians?

  4. Can patients cancel and reschedule appointments online?

  5. Can patients schedule, cancel, reschedule, etc... from any mobile device?

  6. Can patients automatically be limited to scheduling with only their MRP?

  7. Can patients be automatically scheduled with their MRP's locum (e.g. parental leave, vacations)?

  8. Can patients see an automatically combined schedule of multiple physicians?

    • e.g. if there are multiple part-time walk-in physicians, working different days?

    • e.g. if multiple physicians take turns covering after hours clinics?

    • e.g. if multiple physicians are covering for a physician on leave?

  9. Can the scheduler be integrated into the clinic's website?

  10. Can patients be required to pay upfront for uninsured services?

What is it like for staff?

  1. How carefully can clinician schedules be set?

    • Can different clinicians offer ...

      • different services

      • at different times and days

      • on a schedule that changes day by day

      • and week by week?

  2. Once an appointment is scheduled online ...

    • is it immediately added to OSCAR

    • linked to the right patient

    • displaying the right reason for visit

    • colour-coded correctly

    • without any human intervention?

  3. Once an appointment is scheduled online, can adjustments to that appointment be made within OSCAR?

    • Cancelling?

    • Changing the length or time?

    • Reassigning to another clinician?

    • Changing the patient?

  4. Can timeslots be released on different schedules?

    • e.g. reserved same day appointments that are only released 24 hours in advance?

    • e.g. regular appointments that are released 30 days in advance?

  5. Can you set a maximum number of a certain type of appointment, for a certain time period, for certain clinicians?

    • e.g. max 2 annual physicals per day per clinician?

    • e.g. max 1 well baby visit every 15 minutes for the entire clinic?

  6. Can templates be used to configure appointments and breaks?

    • e.g. every hour, schedule five 10 minute appointments, then a 10 minute break

    • e.g. every hour, schedule three 15 minute regular appointments, then reserve the last 15 minutes for an urgent appointment

  7. Can confirmation and reminder emails be customized ...

    • to have custom information for every appointment type?

    • to be sent "from" your clinic?

  8. Can more unique services such as flu clinics be scheduled?

  9. If a particular patient abuses the online scheduling option, can they be blacklisted?

Our OSCAR EMR Integration

We are sometimes asked why our pricing for OSCAR EMR users is different from our standard pricing. There are two core reasons:


Our core system is used by thousands of customers around the world. The price point can be lowered because there is a large pool of customers sharing the cost of development, maintenance, and support.

In contrast, OSCAR EMR is an important, but smaller market. The are fewer than two thousand OSCAR EMR clinics in Canada. The cost of developing, maintaining, and supporting a rock-solid integration with OSCAR EMR must be divided between a relatively small number of clients.


We work in dozens of industries, in over fifteen countries, and medical clinics consistently require the most support. In our experience, clinics have among the most complex scheduling needs and our account managers invest more time helping medical clinics succeed at online scheduling than anyone else.

This goes to what sets us apart. As part of focusing on making your life easier, we elect to charge more so that we can help our clients succeed, instead of offering rock-bottom pricing and leaving our customers adrift.